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IRB-approved, biospecimens for research by method, result, and matrix for validation studies. Characterized by diagnosis for biomarker validation.

Blood Test
To discuss your specific needs, please email us at or call (508) 384-0033 
At MRN Diagnostics, our dedicated Clinical Research Department plays a pivotal role in advancing medical science through rigorous innovative clinical studies. With a strong commitment to improving patient outcomes, our department collaborates actively with physicians, healthcare providers, and researchers to conduct cutting-edge investigations.
What sets us apart is our unwavering focus on quality, ethics, and patient safety. Our experienced team of clinical researchers and coordinators follow stringent protocols and regulations to ensure the integrity of our studies.

Our collection protocols are brief and specific, flexible, and reflect patient and medical realities.  We have multiple oncology, pulmonary medicine and GI/hepatology centers open currently for ongoing biospecimen projects and can rapidly expand our capabilities for other custom collections and clinical studies.  

Donating Blood

 If you can't find what you need in our archive, MRNDx, LLC will work with you to develop a prospective collection to collect the samples and data required for your research study. Our collections include:

  • IRB Delinked Residual Samples with Diagnostic Testing Results

  • IRB Delinked Residual samples with Diagnosis

  • IRB Consented Clinical Multiple Sample Types


MRN's Clinical team carries our global collections focused on outbreaks and specific donor demographics.  Collections are IRB Approved or Remnant Compliant Samples:

We can design your clinical collection for: 

  • Whole Blood

  • Serum 

  • Plasma 

  • Sputum 

  • Mucous 

  • Urine

  • Swabs (multiple sites)  


Please contact our Sales team to query our archive for your specific needs.

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